Matwetwe Safaris

“Marksman” or “Person that can shoot straight”

- that is the meaning of the name of our company: Ma-twe-twe. Hunting has always been part of my family and “Matwetwe” is the nickname the African natives gave my father.  This name was the obvious choice when my wife and I started our hunting outfit in 1997.    

My name is Hendrik Botha - born 1968.  I completed my post-graduate studies at the University of the Free State and received a (BSc.) Honours degree in Agricultural management (1993).  I then explored the world and worked on a cattle ranch on the “Great Plains of Eastern Montana” for a year.  

Our family game ranch was the canvas on which I developed and built my hunting dreams.  Large numbers of plains game, as well as predators such as lion, leopard, hyena etc., roamed the area.  The predators had to be dealt with when they raid the cattle herds.  The experience I gained and the wonderful memories hunting with my brother - priceless!!

After more than two decades in the professional hunting industry, I have figured out most of the important details of making a hunt the most colourful and memorable experience you can have in your lifetime - and most importantly... it is still my pleasure!    

My dedicated staff assists me in delivering our promise of great comfort.  From the cleaning ladies who makes sure everything is in tip-top condition, to the skinners and trackers who will skin your trophies like professional taxidermists and track a wounded animal with astonishing skill.  Then there is our chef preparing finger licking African Cuisine - take my word, the clients usually gather recipes to take home with them.

Last but not least there’s my wife, Annie, always there to count on and our two enterprising boys Hennie (1999) and Harm (2001) - who are very keen on learning the art of successful hunting.