Online Disclaimer

Acceptance of Disclaimer

my executors, heirs, dependents and/or their assigns hereby unconditionally indemnify, release and absolve MATWETWE SAFARIS / H.J. BOTHA (hereinafter “Botha”), his employees, nominees and assigns from any liability for injury or death to myself or any minor child(ren) under my control whilst on his property, hunting areas or in his vehicles be it owned, rented or hired, whether caused by his own or his employees’ negligence.

2. I confirm and acknowledge that one or more or all of the following dangerous situations will be present which may result in serious injury or death to myself or any minor child(ren) under my control, namely shooting with firearms, hunting wild animals, motor vehicle accidents, roaming wild animals, fires, etc.

3. Further, I acknowledge that I require Botha’s written consent to contract any person and/or entity to accompany me and my minor child(ren) at the outings referred to hereinabove. In respect of the documenting of any hunting and ancillary activity on film and/or camera, Botha will have the ultimate discretion to decide which film, captured image or documentation of such nature are allowed to be captured perpetually and may be presented to any third parties.

4. Hereby I confirm that I have read the contents thereof, that I understand the meaning and implications of this disclaimer and that I have signed this disclaimer out of my own free will.